Miraculous Healing

Glory to God Almighty whom in His infinite ways passed through His servant, Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu to save me of Hepatitis B. Am a trailer driver by profession. So I went for a driving test TSL (Transport Service Limited) in Ogun State. After all verbal and practical test , we were to undergo a medical test at Ikeja Lagos medical center where I was diagnosed, of having the deadly Hepatitis B. The doctor asked me to bring 20,000 naira for him to give me drugs. I was also having financial challenges.

I had to call a friend of mine, Mr Caleb for help. I was expecting money from him after explaining all my problems. Mr Caleb said that he did not have money with him but WHAT HE HAS HE WOULD GIVE ME!!! He sent a phone number to me.

He said I should call the number, It’s his Pastor’s phone number, that he would pray for me, and I would receive my healing. The next day, I called the phone number, the pastor, Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu prayed for me, through phone. He asked me to go back to that same hospital for another test. BEHOLD, I WAS TESTED NEGATIVE. JESUS CHRIST, THROUGH HIS SERVANT, PASTOR CHIDI ONYESONWU HEALED ME.BROTHER J.

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