1. My sister in law who lives in Abuja sent Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu’s phone number to me. She copied the number from a flier where numerous testimonies were published. I had wept for almost 5 years because I did not have a child. I had to call Pastor Chidi and he prayed for me in the name of Jesus Christ! The following month, I discovered I was pregnant. Throughout the 9 months, he kept praying for me as there were several attacks. At last, I am carrying my baby with my hands. Praise The Lord. SISTER FRANCISCA.


2.‘Through phone,

My pastor, Chidi Onyesonwu prayed for my friend who is in Switzerland. Instantly, he was healed! The insane man became normal. Also, he prayed for my cousin who had                 stroke, he was healed! Truly, Jesus Christ is alive’   DEACONNESS HELEN.


3. Few months ago, I tested hepatitis B. I was so afraid and I did not know what to do. I called Pastor Chidi and he invited me to Church. He prayed for me and also anointed me. He asked me to go back for another test. Surprisingly, it turned negative. I have made up my mind for Jesus Christ forever. Brother  C.

4. There is a miracle working God in Saving Ark Christian Ministries, Kubwa Abuja. God is really doing wonders through his humble servant pastor Chidi Onyesonwu. I have a shop in Abuja that remained unrented for 19 months. I prayed fervently for the shop to be rented, all to no avail. One day, God directed me to Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu and after telling him about this shop and how it was unrented , he smiled and told me that the God of Saving Ark, the LORD CHRIST would rent the shop for me. He asked me to get an olive oil and he prayed with me over the phone. He instructed me to go and anoint the shop. I did that and the following day, people started calling me to rent shop to them. More than 50 people called me for that particular shop. Even after renting it out, people kept on calling me. I praise God for this miracle. HONOURABLE  LARY ONAH, ABUJA.


  1. I built a house in Abuja with the aim of renting the flats out. An agent of the devil did something there to stop people from renting my house. That continued for 5 good years. When I told my pastor, (Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu), He prayed on an olive oil and asked the caretaker of the house to pour the oil on the house. That same month, tenants occupied all the flats. Jesus Christ is really working through this man of God. Secondly Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu prayed for my cousin who had stroke and he was healed. Also, he prayed for my sister in law who was insane and the spirits of madness disappeared and she became normal. Jesus Christ is really in Saving Ark! Deaconnes Helen Ulmann.


  1.  I tested HIV positive and I became confused, helpless and hopeless. I had to google online “DIVINE HEALING PRAYER POINTS.” And I got Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu’s prayer message and prayer points. I copied his number. I called him on phone and he prayed for me in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. After one week, I went to different places tests including the places that I went before, all the tests results were negative!!!! I AM STILL AMAZED. Only JESUS CHRIST could do that. Praise the LORD FOREVER! SISTER RACHAEL FROM KENYA.


  1.  I was in the Church, Saving Ark Christian Ministries when the pastor shared the testimony of sister Rachael of Kenya, how Jesus Christ healed her of HIV positive. Truly, nobody in the Church was aware that I myself had HIV positive. As I heard the testimony, I told God, if truly, that testimony was real and true, He should heal my own. Miraculously, the man of God, Pastor Chidi asked the sick people to come out for prayer. He prayed for everybody. I myself knew my own problem, but I believed. That same week, I went for test, the HIV positive turned negative. I am here to return all the glory to JESUS CHRIST, THE GOD OF SAVING ARK CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES. SISTER (MRS KINGSLEY).


  1.  Glory to God Almighty whom in His infinite ways passed through His servant, Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu to save me of Hepatitis B. Am a trailer driver by profession. So I went for a driving test TSL (Transport Service Limited) in Ogun State. After all verbal and practical test , we were to undergo a medical test at Ikeja Lagos medical center where I was diagnosed, of having the deadly Hepatitis B. The doctor asked me to bring 20,000 naira for him to give me drugs. I was also having financial challenges. I had to call a friend of mine, Mr Caleb for help. I was expecting money from him after explaining all my problems. Mr Caleb said that he did not have money with him but WHAT HE HAS HE WOULD GIVE ME!!! He sent a phone number to me. He said I should call the number, It’s his Pastor’s phone number, that he would pray for me, and I would receive my healing. The next day, I called the phone number, the pastor, Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu prayed for me, through phone. He asked me to go back to that same hospital for another test. BEHOLD, I WAS TESTED NEGATIVE. JESUS CHRIST, THROUGH HIS SERVANT, PASTOR CHIDI ONYESONWU HEALED ME.BROTHER J.


9. I saw Pastor  Chidi Onyesonwu on Sun newspaper. After reading his message, the Spirit of God asked me to call him for prayer as I was fully convinced he is a true man of God. I married but for years, no child. People were mocking me and calling me names. I called the man of God. He prayed for me through phone. The following month, I missed my period. I went for pregnancy test. The doctor and the nurses were screaming POSITIVE!!!!! Thanks to the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO USED HIS SERVANT PASTOR CHIDI ONYESONWU TO REMOVE THIS REPROACH. SISTER HELEN, ENUGU.

  1. I was suffering from terrible leg pain since 2015.I went from one Pharmacy to another. I took a lot of drugs but there was no solution. The pain was too much for me to bear.I could not wear my shoes because of the pain. So, I followed a colleague of mine to Sving Ark Christian Ministries for the mid week service. After the service, I met with the man of God, Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu. He prayed for me in the name of Jesus Christ. Today, I am healed. No more pain! I can now wear my shoes. PRAISE THE LORD! Sister Praise.


  1. Since I joined Saving Ark Christian Ministries, my life has changed completely. After one of the Church services, I received a miraculous call confirming the word of God through God’s servant, Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu, that my daughter has been offered a scholarship. She got a scholarship to study from SS2 to SS3.This means that my child’s school fees and other expenses are settled from SS2 to SS3. Praise the Lord Jesus. Brother Kingsly.